Sister Madeline Bleak

Sister Madeline Bleak

Sunday, June 19, 2016

EVERYONE THE MTC IS THE BEST PLACE ON THE PLANET!!! second to the temple. but President hinckley said the MTC is an extension of the temple SOOOO 

oh wow the past two days have seriously felt like FOREVER. its really funny because people ask and we're like oh we got here wednesday, but everyday feels like 3 days put into one. (but yes so my p-day is friday)

I have learned so much already!!! I love it because they let you just jump immediately missionary work!!! My first day was such a whirlwind and it was really hard saying bye to family and i was really nervous, but i quickly realized that you are literally not alone EVER!! and what a sweet angel old sister said to me was that "the hardest part is over" which is so true!! we can only go up from here!! 

I LOVE my companion(s)!!! My comp was originally Sis Bishop (girl from american fork i talked to over instagram before my mission and we are BEST FRIENDS!!! haha also saw her in zupas before we entered the MTC) But we are in a trio, because Sis Gudgeon (from NZ with the coolest accent and SOO SOO sweet) her comp didnt show up so we had her join us!! We are all going to the same mission and cant wait!!! we have two other sisters who are comps in my district and one is from cedar her name is Sis Togisala or sister T haha but she is so great and funny!!! i love her. and sister jensen who is from st george too!!!! so much fun. we seriously bonded immediately and already love each other so much. sadly we will have to say goodbye to them at the end of these four weeks because they are going to ohio cleveland mission at the kirtland visitors center (VC) but thats pretty awesome and they will be so great!! the other sisters in our zone are so great too!! another is from st george - sister dawson- she is hilarious, and sister anderson from idaho and sister butterfield (I LOVE HER SHE IS SO CUTE) also from utah and sister ewell from san diego who also went to BYUI!! sis dawson and anderson are both going to our mission too and sis butterfield and ewell are going to ohio. 

It is so fun being all around VC sisters because i mean we are VC sisters for a reason cus we are all so happy and outgoing and we all just immediately love each other.
ALSO Sister Ellis (Lisa Ellis) my fried from BYUI is in my ZONE!!! so i see her all the time and i just love her so much. makes me so happy!!!! I have literally seen like 20 plus people i know. so many people from Idaho and from stg and my mission prep class, like for those of you who know these people, i have seen riley peart and daniel green and crete gallhager -- i see him everywhere and hes so nice!! I didnt know him too well, hes from STG and said to tell you Dallin that he says hi, haha cus im "Dallin's sister" lol. I have seen mason bloomfield from byui and oh so many people!! also today i was SO HAPPY because i saw Zak Zihylo from my fall semester at BYUI who was my FHE brother and i literally freaked out because i didnt know he was out here because he said he didnt want to go on a mission! SO I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE HIM i like teared up. but it was really funny because i was like gonna give him a hug cus i got so excited then remembered i had to give a handshake... haha my comps were laughing. 

oh i just love the MTC though!!! The spirit is soooo strong and literally everywhere here!! even in the lunchroom. i love it because everyone is so happy to be here and we all just love the gospel so much its amazing. My testimony has been strengthened sooo much just these past two days.

what we did on the first day in our class as a district was to name all the things that made us nervous, and wrote them. then wrote all the things that made us excited, and what our teacher (who is sister Smyth -- sooo cute and fun, i love her so much) said to us is that all the things that make us excited are about serving others, and just about forgetting ourselves so she said as we do that, all our nervousness will melt away. i love that. she also talked to us about how in D&C it talks about how with much is given the lord requires much, so basically the lord is invested in you!! and when you invest in something, you dont give up on it, you are with it, you check up on it and you want it to succeed!! that was so comforting. 

Also what we did on the first day was we all were in a big group of missionaries and we had an investigator come in!! im convinced that they were real and even if they werent i dont care but really like we had only met those people like ten mintues or known them that long and i already loved them so much. These people were so sincere and it was cool getting to know them and as questions and respond. it was kind of hard because it wasnt one on one so you didnt get to say all you wanted cus you had to take turns with the 20 other missionaries trying to talk and teach these people. we met with 3 different investigators and i learned so much from that!! we learned how to just focus on the person and what theyre saying and trying to figure out what they need. because we arent just robot missionaries going get baptized get baptized get baptized... we are missionaries we are representatives of christ!! we are to go out and do what christ did which was just to be a friend and comfort the needy and afflicted and let them know that Christ loves them!!
It also made me SOOOO excited to just get into the field and start teaching people!!

yesterday was so awesome!! hahah we had like probably total like 6 or 7 hours of comp and personal study. but it was cool because we were studying for investigators so we have a focus and something to work for which makes it so much more invigorating and i have learned so much more from learning to teach others than just learning for myself!! 
AND WE ACTUALLY TAUGHT A LESSON YESTERDAY MORNING!!! we just taught my teacher who was acting as an investigator but HOLY MOLY she is good at acting. it felt so real!! We had a short lesson planned out but when we got in there we just talked to her and she expressed some concerns and so we had to adapt but we shared a scripture with her, and testified of christ and of the book of mormon and of prayer and invited her and had her commit to pray and study the verse we had her read and she said she would!! (haha) but the spirit was sooo strong and it just felt so good. I LOVE TEACHING!! i know this is what im supposed to be doing!!!

We studied more that day to prepare to teach her again. we studied more so we could introduce her better to the book of mormon and things and studied 3 nephi a lot which is just GOLDEN. But just from studying, i know  without a doubt or wandering thought in my mind that the BOOK IS TRUE. it contains the fullness of the gospel and its teachings are those that will help us to be truly happy and to get to where we want to go, to go back into the presense and live with our heavenly father!! 

We also had a workshop/presentation that helped us to look at different investigators and what their needs are, and how we could help them, but also how we need to have the spirit be the main missionary. It is not about us AT ALL. it is about the persons relationship with god. all of it is about that. our only job is to invite and help. 

We had more study time, and then we met for a meeting to meet our Branch Presidency!! they are so sweet. we all shared things about our self and why we came on a mission and then a short tesitmony. wow that meeting was soooo amazing. the spirit was so strong because we all have come out here for different reasons, but as my teacher said, any reason to be out here on a mission is a good reason. It was so cool. and really as i bore my own testimony and head others, i felt the spirit so strong and truly had it tesify to me again and again that THIS CHURCH IS TRUE!!! and its amazing!!!

OH also, me and my comps are SISTER TRAINING LEADERS!!! hahah yay!! Sis T said she knew it would be us, and shes so happy for us. I have no idea what to do, but i am excited :))) 

So in a short nutshell, those have been my past two days hahah and i probably am going to remember other things i want to say but right now my mind is just everywhere. 

Today was so nice (yet weird) because since its p-day they only have like 2 things scheduled for you to do--which is way different because usually every minute of everyday is scheduled hahah) but me and my district sisters all got up and went on a walk out to the field (WE GOT TO LEAVE THE GATES!!!! haha) but then we had the guy up there say we could be out here unless it was our scheduled gym time even though our STLs said that we could go. and it was lame because there was literally NO ONE there. geez. hahah its okay though. we walked laps around the campus. and also got to play some volleyball and have cookies and creme chocolate milk! Its just so nice to relax and reflect on everything and get a break :)

 Ahhh i love just talking to all my sisters here, everyone is SOO nice and i seriously amd so blessed and thankful to be with the people i am with because we all get along so well and are so alike and we just love each other. 

Thats the thing about the mtc is that the spirit is so strong, everyone just loves each other and we are all so happy, happy, happy!!!!

Im excited for today because we get to go to the temple!!! we get to go every p-day which made me SO  excited. YAYY. so we will go there in about a half hour. 

Definitely love love love it here though!!! I get nervous sometimes because the future seems so long and looms in front of me, but i know that i wouldnt want to be anywhere else, and i really do love it here, its crazy and kind of takes some getting used to, but everything is so good. 

I love this gospel with my whole heart and soul!! there is nothing that is more true or amazing in this world and i just wish everyone knew that!!! I am so happy to be out here and i LOVE looking at my reflection everyday, seeing that i have a nametag and knowing that i am a representative of JESUS CHRIST!!!! 
This is his restored  church and gospel upon the earth and it is so true. the book of mormon is the word of God and i love it with all my heart. I know the the savior is here with us. \

I dont have much time but i will try to send some emails and stuff. but PLEASE WRITE ME!!! my mtc address should be on my instagram or facebook ... sorry i dont have it memorized! 
But PLEASE PLEASE email me with your address and stuff so i can write you letters PLEASE!! 
I miss not getting to tell you all and my family about everything and how amazing this place is every second but im glad we get to email so soon :) 


Much Love,
Sister Bleak

These are of my companion sister bishop and also the sketchy bed situation that is held together with duct tape and a headband HAHAH. also all the sisters in my district in our classroom that has the best view!!! even though we have to walk up all FIVE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS every day.... i will work off the yummy donuts i have every morning for breakfast in the cafeteria... hehe. 

Me and sis bishop matched without even planning to on our second day - we are BFFS 
me and sister ELLIS!!!! i love her. yayyyyyy 
all the sisters in our zone!! we love each other.
and our cute little trio companionship with sis gudgeon!! :))

I love this picture because its SO TRUE. just appreciate pls. hahah

me and sis gudgeon with our NZ shirts!!!! she is awesome. 
and lastly, this was this morning before our walk, we are all wearing our college t-shirts!!!

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