Sister Madeline Bleak

Sister Madeline Bleak

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ask and ye shall RECEIVE!! (Aug 10, 2016)

august 10

It's pday already?!?! Lol our pday is a day sooner this week because
we have zone conference the next couple days- YAAA!! Spiritual
nourishment to the max!!

So this week was like super super awesome in a ton of ways. Friday we
had zone training and it was soooo good. I love my ZOne leaders and
sister leaders. They are sooo awesome!! We talked a ton about patience
and faith and how we can see miracles in the mission.
I kind of had the spirit rebuke me throughout the training and I
really just realized that I needed to be more loving. I just had this
huge epiphany revelation moment where I realized that I needed to have
unconditional love. For my companion and for just anyone who I came in
co tact with. Christ loved everyone as they are, never expecting
anything in return. So I am working on that. And that's something I
had been praying for was more charity and love -- and God answers

What I really learned was that I need to just love people as they are.
Not waiting for them to be how i am or anything but just loving them and everything that comes with them. It has changed everything and helped soooo much!! My patience is tested a lot, but that was the biggest thing i realized and what really hit me this week.
And because i acted on that prompting, God could bless me with soo much more!!! 
Sister Harvey and I kind of had been feeling frustrated with our area and how things were going because we didnt have much help from the ward and our ward mission leader like never texts us back and we are like what the heck!! and our two investigators have flaked out on us for the past 3 weeks. so we are just trying to reevaluate life. but we had an amazing weekly planning session and really just tried to focus on certain families to help and visit. 

and MONDAY WAS A DAY OF MIRACLES!!! pretty much best day of my mission thus far. 

We had set a goal to have one new progressing, prepared investigator. but everytime we went to knock doors and visit potentials it just hasnt really brought us much anywhere... but WE WERE FAITHFUL AND HOPEFUL!! plus i told my companion that we could not be negative WHATSOEVER. that was our comp goal this week .... its worked mostly well... ...  but thats where more patience comes into play... hahah but ANYWAY! 
so first of all we have MOSPO or morning-sports every monday cus thats all the elders pday and so we get up at the crack of dawn and play sports and its SOOOOO fun. some of the elders are hilarious. and i just love talking to people and hearing some of their crazy stories from being out. 
so we had that and becaue of some errands we had to run to the mission office and stuff, we literally had less than an hour in our area that day, BUT MIRACLES HAPPENED!! we got to visit a few less actives and invite a potential or former investigator to come to the VC but literally with like 5 minutes left in our area, we decided to knock on this neighbors door. i had literally just said the prayer and prayed that we could reach our goal and find someone prepared and ready to hear the gospel and accept its message and that we would see miracles. And so we knock on this door and this dad comes out and starts talking to US like he was sooo friendly and was so interested and we just had the best conversation about religion and really just how we are all trying to follow jesus. he said his wife wasnt home, but he was like "do you have a card or something? like can you COME BACK AND TEACH ME AND MY WIFE A LITTLE MORE?" AHHHHHH  i about crapped my pants i was so pumped!!! we gave him our card and we told him about the book of mormon and he said he hadnt even heard of it, his wife is catholic so they are a little famiilar with the bible, but he was like yeah i would definitely love that, ill look into it, cus i mean it cant hurt me right? and im like NO WAY IT WILL BE SO GOOD FOR YOU!! lol but so we got his number and he said he would start by reading the BOM in the introduction. and we are going to come visit him on SUNDAY NIGHT!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! 

God is so real and answers alll of our prayers!!!! 

I had also been praying to be able to take through a non-member in the visitor center and that same day, this couple comes in and i got to bear my testimony about jesus christ and about joseph smith and recite the first vision and it was just SOO COOL!!! and theres been like 4 other nonmembers that i have been able to teach that have come in in the past like 4 days!!! MIRACLES

That day I also just decided to give this guy a call when we were on online teaching, and it was the guy that came in a week before who was really depressed and almost suicidal. he is going through a really hard time and wont tell me all thats going on, but since he wasnt in my area, i got to get his number and keep in contact. so i just thought oh ill give Jason a call. and so i called him and we chatted and he told me how he was doing, and he said that actualy he had just been praying to God to be able to feel His love, and that is RIGHT when i called. He said i was an answer to his prayers. ALWAYS FOLLOW PROMPTINGS FROM THE SPIRIT PEOPLE.
even if its just a random thought you have, ITS PROBABLY THE SPIRIT
we have the best talks about the scriptures and i am really just there for moral support and strength in between the times he meets with his elders. ( he is less active and has been for a LONG time but is trying to get back into church)

ALSOOO yesterday we went by this guys house who we had met and left with a book of mormon and restoration pamphlet and he said he has been reading it and has a few questions and would love to have us back over!!!! so we set up a time and we are going to have a lesson with him tomorrow afternoon!!! he is a baptist college kid, but is really open and loves jesus and is like well if the apostasy really happened (which is all new to him so he doesnt really know) then i mean there would really need to be a restoration.. so if thats right, then i believe it i guess. AHHHHHH
so yeah to be continued on that!!

And all those miracles happened here in the misfit capitol of AMERICA!!! (actually ps. independence is the #1 meth capitol in the world lol) In INDEPENDENCE where its totally normal for a crazy shirtless man on drugs to be wandering in the middle of the road waving his finger at you as you try to swerve to not hit him.... 

but wowie. okay all i really have to say is that GOD KNOWS US SOOOO PERSONALLY AND INDIVIDUALLY. he knows us and our every need. he hears our prayers and answers them in the most specific best way possible and it is right when and just what we need. 
GOD IS SO GOOD!! Never doubt His power or His love for you!!! 

Much love, 

Sister Bleak

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