Sister Madeline Bleak

Sister Madeline Bleak

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dont' stop making pancakes (Aug 18, 2016)

august 18

Whats good fam?! Guess what i made it to 2 MONTHS in the mission field!!! Transfers are next week!!! craziness. lots of other sisters are saying that they think i will be a six week trainer. meaning i will train one of the newby's this next transfer. yeahokay God wouldnt do that to a new sister. that would be a train wreck ... haha. But the APs did text us yesterday and asked if i had my driving card yet...... 

This week was good! ups and downs as always! We got to talk to lots of new people and we officially have a NEW INVESTIGATOR!!!! yayyy!! His name is Jesse, i mentioned him before, but he is so cool!! He is baptist and his brother is a preacher and hes probably like late 20s but is really cool. had some quesitons about the apostasy but hes like well if that really happened then yeah there was totally a need for a restoration. so we are going to have another lesson with him tomorrow!!

And tonight we are meeting with Brad and his wife!! the miracle door contacting guy who is awesome and asked us to come back. He hasnt been good about texting us back but we are really hoping he will be here tonight. Cus we gon' invite him to be BAPTIZED. If the spirit says yeah go for it. So we'll see. 

LETS seeeee other cool things about this week, we got free seminary pancake breakfast from Inde 1st ward because we run around the church with a few other sisters and they had extras bc wednesday was the first day of school, plus all of Inde 1st ward is polys so we had chocolate chip pancakes the size of my face. it was awesome. 
On teaching center i talked to a TWELVE YEAR OLD who had ordered his very own book of mormon and wants to go to church and just wants to learn more about God. He even wants to know more about the commandments and everything. AND HES TWELVE!!! Jordan from Cali is a boss. 
I also saw so many friends from home this past week! My bff family friend from NC the Knutsons came in and that was such a tender mercy. i like almost cried when i saw them. I took them on a tour of the whole place and it was just so special. 
I had a second exchange in North Kansas City with the STLs but this time with Sister Wilkey who is soooo cute!!! we also had a little 16 yr old mini missionary with us. but we had way cool experiences as we went out contacting saturday morning we talked to like 5 people and we just walked up to this car with this guy who was cleaning it out and started talking to him, and we ended up breaking out a book of mormon and having him read the introduction... after he read it he was like ... wow. he just stood there for a second. it was powerful!! But they got a return appointment with them and everything!! exchanges are soo cool!! and sister wilkey is amazing. she is sooooo kind and loving and just always so HAPPY! i love her. she really just wanted to know how i was doing and how more they could help. they wanted to help my comp know that i needed more help and stuff because shes not really letting me take charge in the lessons so we went on another exchange so they could help her with that.... 
we havent had enough lessons to test it out on though... haha 
BUT we have like 5 new potential investigators!! if i didnt already mention that so IM PUMPED!! 

BEST PART OF MY WEEK THOUGH was last friday because it was ZONE CONFERENCE!!! 
Which is basically like general conference (the entire 8 hour weekend packed into one day -- literally like the meeting was from 8am-5pm with a 30min break for lunch) BUT IT WAS AMAZING!!! Wow i love my mission. All the missionaries here are amazing. I learned sooo much.

The main things i learned is HOW MUCH GOD LOVES US. God loves us sooooo much.
Gods love is manifest through what he has done for us, for the fact that he sent his son Jesus Christ to atone for our sins and to help us and be with us every step of the way. He gave us his example and His commandments. 

So, what God requires of us is to be obedient, to pick up our cross and follow Christ. 
President Vest spoke a lot about how we need to not just be obedient but to be WILLINGLY obedient. I need to work a little more on that because I still grumble at the exercises we have to do sometimes.... haha but ATTITUDE IS ALTITUDE!!!

The AP leaving this next week spoke about the Atonement and repentance. and how repentance is really a more broad term than we think. it does not have to be with sins, but it is simply deciding to turn to god. When we decide that we are going to read our scriptures versus just going to bed, or we are going to say a kinder word versus a sarcastic comment, thats a form of repentance. This really changed my perspective. He invited us to think and ponder on all of the things that the atonement has done for us in our lives. and to take the time that night to pray - not asking for anything - but fully just expressing our thanks to God for everything He has done, and our gratitude for Jesus Christ and His atonement. 
I invite all of you to do that as well. 

This week was kind of a bumpy road, as it always is, we were able to see miracles and have good times but I really came to realize that if we are not increasing, we are decreasing. we are on a constant slope. if we arent doing our best to grow upward and closer to christ, even if we just sit still for one second, we fall back.
I felt that this past week. I felt like i came off the spiritual high of zone conference and crashed a little, but from a talk that i want all of you reading this to read called Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence from OCt 2014 conference -- we learn that trials and hardships are part of our mortal experience. we can come to them with confidence, we can force a smile and say you know this can be a chance to prove myself to God. Even if i did nothing to deserve this trial, I dont need to justify being disobedient or being depressed just because of the circumstance i am in, I can be happy no matter what. BECAUSE OF JESUS CHRIST.

A last story i wanna share with you (which will explain the subject of my email) is one that President Cato (the Independence Stake President -- also former high up preacher from the community of christ -- he is AWESOME) shared with us. 

It is a story of a little boy who tries to make pancakes for his father while he is out. In the process of trying to do this good deed, he ends up making a whole mess of the kitchen spilling everything all over the floor. in distress because he knew his father was coming home, he frantically tries to start cleaning everything - only to have his father walk through the door. He looks up at him and big tears well up in his eyes. His father could have been angry for the mess, but all the father does is simply come to his child, getting messy in the process, scoop up his child, hold him tight and tell him he loves him.

Fam, this is how our Heavenly Father is with us. As humans on this mortal experience, we try our best, but more often than not, we make a huge mess of things. At least i know i sure do. 
But God loves us NO MATTER WHAT. He scoops us up, holds us tight, lets us know He loves us, and cleans up the mess. 
But fam, DONT STOP MAKING PANCAKES. we are going through this mortal life to learn and grow. it will not always be sunshine and daisies, but it wasnt meant to be, we can keep trying our best, and know that WE ARE NEVER ALONE. Because of the Atonement, Christ had to suffer alone, but He is the only one who did and WHO EVER WILL GO THROUGH HARDSHIP ALONE.
We wont, because we have Jesus. 

I love you all.

Much love,

Sister Bleak

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