Sister Madeline Bleak

Sister Madeline Bleak

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Faith it 'til you make it (July 1, 2016)

July 1, 2016

Hello everyone!!! This week testified that missionary work is a roller coaster!! It was kind of a rough week but we still had fun and taught the gospel and stuff :) 

On Saturday we were able to attend the temple before it closed until the end of time. We went with our district earlier in the day than the rest of our zone because our elders were  meeting their mission president and couldn't go later so we went with them. We all fell asleep. hahah it was still a great experienc though. The temple is so rejuvinating :) we also had like 3 hours of personal study time by ourselves and kind of didnt know what to do with ourselves so we read lots of talks and the book of mormon and even watched some of the district after about 2 and a half hours in haha. We also had a chips and salsa and donuts party with our elders (because we all ahve so much food hahah it was fun. i love them)

Sunday was a crazy day!! Because we had all the mission presidents and literally all the apostles here last week we had to not go into one of the buildings so we got to leave the MTC and go eat at the morris center!!! crazyyy hahaha it was fun. I saw Derek Conrad!!! He took a picture of me and i told him to tell my family i love them so hopefully you all got the message :) Sunday is full of meetings and craziness what with being an STL. like literally we get up, get breakfast, go to a meeting, then take other sisters to a meeting, then go get lunch, then go to sacrament, then teach relief society, then go to the temple, then go to dinner, then go to a meeting, then have devotional, then have study, THEN we can sleep. but sundays are good. we were sad because we really thought we would have an apostle come do a devotional but they didnt and it was kind of sad, but we heard from a different guy and we was so good!! he was hilarious but also way to the point and relatable. he told us about how we need to be out here and that we cant go home and theres no reason to go home. it sounds harsh but it was like straight the spirit of fire and brimstone like elder holland. hahah  

monday we have service at the literal crack of dawn and so we are half asleep whilst vacuuming the hallways lol. in class we were kind of chastized by our teacher, and told we need to be better and live up to the calling that we have, it was a good reminder just to not be a lax missionary just as you start getting used to things. We also had new TRC or new investigators to teach!! we are teaching a woman from bolivia, Annaleiz who is so sweet and genuine and then we teach Ganlin from China who is the funnest person to be around. and she really has a desire to learn more and already is reading a special english/chinese book of mormon!! 

Tuesday we had another come to jesus moment in class where we talked about the importance of the mtc and like why its necessary that we come here. our elders have been having a rough time enjoying it here and being serious, sooo that got a little heated but it was still good. and i still love our elders. devotional tuesday was way good too!! we all sung in the choir hurrah for israel and it was so powerful i love it. and the speaker was so sweet it was a general authority and he was just a nice old man who was so sincere and taught us how to be the best missionaries we can

Wednesday we had a boat-load of missionaries come in. we were all in charge of them as STLs and it was kind of intimidating because they all look like theyre 30 years old and our zone leader looks like hes 12 lolol but i love him. but they introduced themselves (al TWENTY of them) and theyre all like oh im 18 i just graduated! and we were like what the heck no youre like 45. hahaha but they seem nice. it was just crazy trying to keep track of them cus there is literally SOOO many people here now. the summer is so busy but its awesome. All the sisters are going to temple square on their mission so thats way cool! 
Whats also weird is now we are the oldest district in our zone and all our elders leave this monday and tuesday and it is making us really really sad because we are like all family now!!

Thursday (yesterday) was wayy rough. we had in-field training for -and i kid you not- 9 hours. straight. like we had a 20 minute break for lunch and then a half hour at like 3 but thats it. no exercise time just a listening to a seminar and moving from one room to the other back and forth and doing some role play and it kind of made me freak out about the field and stuff and i feel very inadequate but like idk hopefully ill survive. jesus has my back.
but so we finally got out of training at like 5 for dinner and me and sister bishop kind of broke down. it was just like all the weight of the week and emotions all came upon us at once and so we kind of had a little moment and stuff, but the priesthood is real and im grateful for it, and for the comfort of the holy ghost and blessings and God's love. 
No matter the trial, god is there for us, and life is hard, but the whole reason for the gospel is that god knew it would be hard, but he gives us NUMEROUS tools to help with all the tough times he knew we would have. he sent his son, he gave us the book of mormon, he gave us prophets and the priesthood authority of God. He gave us all these things because he loves us. God doesnt MAKE life hard for us, we are imperfect, we make life hard for ourselves and we just live in an imperfect world, but he gave us so many things and gave us the opportunity that if we come to him, we will be strenghtened beyond measure. he gave us the capability. thats what i really gained my tesimony of this week.

other things i learned:

I love people. so many people came and asked if we were okay and just wanted to help. which meant alot because we are always the people just asking if everyone else was okay. like even random elders ( well not random theyre going to our mission and we love them but therye in the other district) but theyre so sweet, asked if they could do anything for us and its just the little things

SEE! god doesnt make the trial happen because he wants us to suffer, nor does he take it away -- because he wants us to grow! and learn! and we grow and come closer to him by using the tools and things he has given us to be happy amidst whatever hard things are going on.

also i learned from the devotional that The entire Godhead has the same purpose that we do. which is to help others come unto christ by receiving the blessings of the gospel -- i love it. i know that all of those omnicient all powerful beings are helping us in the work. and we are at the same level as apostles. sacrificing our life at this time to help others recieve truth and have the gates of the celestial kingdom open to them. 

I still have a lot to work on, and even though it feels like it has been an eternity and i can hardly remember life before the MTC or even imagine life in the mission field, and sometimes i miss home and being a normal person, i love it here more than normal life. i know i am a changed person, and i am learning new habits and new things that help me to appreciate life so much more than i would have before and i know that the gospel is what makes us truly happy in life. 

Being a latter-day saint is not just our religion, it is our life. It changes our life. Endure to the end, for then we can be with god and have lasting happiness ..... just do the little things everyday. and try to be a little better than yesterday. dont be hard on yourself. youre doing the best you can, and repentance is real, its the most beautiful message we have that through christ we can be cleanesed from ALL OUR SINS. its amazing. and i cant wait to  tell anyone who will listen to me in missouri that most beautiful message. 

The church is true.

Much love, 

Sister Bleak :)

pictures to come! 

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