Sister Madeline Bleak

Sister Madeline Bleak

Thursday, August 25, 2016




i get to head out of this magical place that i will miss on WEDNESDAYYY!!!!
woo hooooo!!!!

So this week was super awesome!!! we got to celebrate the fourth of july last saturday hahah but they called it the "International Freedom Celebration" haha we were celebrating the freedom of religion that lets us go on missions and the restoration. the newsletter for the week said that we were allowed to stay out past 10:30 and "ponder on the restoration" as we watched fireworks from the stadium of fire in the parking lot of the MTC. hahah it was so fun!! we all wore red white and blue and sang patriotic songs ALL DAAYY. we also had a huge awesome game of kickball for exercise time with our whole zone and all our elders before they would leave! it was an awesome day ahha we actually stayed out till ike 11!! cus we had a devotional about how the world was being prepared for the restoration and freedom and stuff and then went out to watch fireworks. sooo yeah sunday the next day we definitely slept in till like 6:50lol. hahah 

Sunday was good! it was hard because it was fast sunday so i almost died but i made it. haha we had like 3 different devotionals that day and i have to admit i fell asleep and started dreaming in one of them whoops. hahaha but my whole district has a hilarious inside joke from our teacher about how this one missionary was in a lesson and the teacher was watching (cus they do that) and the missionary was like completely straight-faced and was like "the gospel brings me" so we always imitate that and its hilariuos. but for fast and testimony meeting we joked about how we all had to get up there and incorporate that into our testimonies and we did!! haahah those of us who got up almost all of us said it and it was hilarious. but dont worry the spirit was still really strong. i just love my district. ALSO for after the sunday night devo we watched hollands talk "a forever missionary" which HOLY COW IS SO POWERFUL!! if you ahve seen character of christ this one is on the same level. if you can find it anywhere on the internet listen to it or read it. then send it to me so i can read it again.
also we were released as STLs!!!!! it was sad cus i liked the calling, but nice to not have to worry about it now!

ALSO last pday we got to clean the provo temple since it was closed and that was SO COOL!!! we got to clean all the crystals in the chandelier and put them all back together!! oh it was beautiful and such a neat experience!!!! 

i have also run into so many people!! like more random people form home and a random cousin on the bleaks side! i now cant remember but i think that grandma and grandpa are her and and uncle? it was awesome!! ive seen a few more peple from school like Jacob Evans!!! haha good to see him and also a friend from NC who i havent seen in YEARSSS!! and carlyn from work!! :)) 

It was sad though because we had to say goodbye to our elders who had truly become like our brothers out here!!! they make you say goodbye to your real family and then put you in a district that becomes your family and then you have to say goodbye to them too!! so if any of you find an elder sherwood, belisle, drew, brown, or hutchinson in salt lake south GO FEED THEM. hahah they will be great missionaries. and we got so close!! 

so yeah it was sad saying goodbye. sister bishop cried. i was sad too but didnt cry. it was especially sad because we come to class the next morning before we would start Visitors center training and they werent there and it was so sad but they all left us notes and wrote "see you in the celestial kingdom" on the board and we all cried a little :(

Tuesday we had the most powerful and fun lessons with our teachers just us sisters and them. i love my teachers so much. my teacher sister smyth is literally like my mom/big sister out here. hahah we have so much fun and she teaches us soooo much. she is so christlike. hahah she also is like if we could have a slumber party like that would be so much fun. hahah and she actually had a dream that we all had to stay at her house with her and her husband HAHAH

FUNNY STORY so tuesday we were out writing letters and catching up on journal writing in the nice warm air outside on the grass instead of  exercise time and were just peacefully writing WHEN THE SPRINKLER SPURTS ON AND SPRAYS ALL OF US DIRECTLY hahah it was hilarious. we all started screaming and ran away. my comp was like "SHIZ!!" hahahahha and ran away its okay she is not a floosy who swears it was just hilarious but like all our evelopes got wet and we were like so sorry everyone else who is outside here studying the word of God ha ha haa..... :)

Wednesday we started VC TRAINING!!!!!! woooooo!!!!! it made me sooooo much more excited because we are going to be doing SUCH COOL STUFF!!!! basically we are missionaries just like everyone else but we just talk to people that come into see us and ask about the church in a nice spiritual dedicated building!! What will be challenging is like yo we are not here just to give tours and be a pretty face. we are there to touch peoples lives and help their needs as christ would just like any other missionary but we just have to meet them, get to know them, figure out what they need and what we could share with them to help them IN LIKE THE FIRST 5 MINUTES OF MEETING THEM. so that is kind of crazy. also its hard to plan and we dont have much study time which is a little lame because we literally teach more than the average missionary because we literally have all the people we teach that come into the VC and then we have appointments with people CALLING AND CHATTING ONLINEEEEE!!!! ISNT THAT THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!! we got to chat with people on thursday who got on from who just have questions and stuff and want to know more.IT IS SO NEAT!!! GOD IS SO GOOD AND IS A GENIOUS!! like literally we can teach people from TANZANIA who get online!!!

but whats so cool too is that we can keep in touch with them!!! for people who come into the visitors center who we hand off to the missionaries, we call them to check up with them and see how their lessons are going and stuff and we set return appointments for the people we chat with online!!! SO WE DONT HAVE TO JUST TOUCH SOMEONES LIFE AND THEN SAY GOODBYE FOREVERSS!!! 

literally the work of the lord in hastening the work is sooooooo legit. haha when we were chatting yesterday i was like AHHHHH THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER AND WE GET TO DO THIS OUR WHOLE MISSION!!!! and seriously the technology they have and how smoothly and efficient it all is is AMAZING!!! 

They also told us some cool things aobut VC sisters. first of all we are down-played but we are kind of held to a higher standard or we just have to plan an teach and be just on top of it all the time. we cant just turn into push-play vc sisters, because we really care about these people and we are not just here to show people exhibits. we bring people closer to christ and invite and help them strengthen their faith and feel the spirit and use the exhibits to enhance that experience!! :))
We never know when we might be that persons "election of grace" (what our teacher told us about in class) where we are the opportunity or circumstance where that person will be able to receive the gospel. SO COOL. 

The coolest thing that our teacher Sister Lewis said was that how VC sisters are assigned is like when their mission paper information comes up on the screen the brethren see us and they say, that sister needs to be in a visitors center. and then they look at all the VC and assign us to the one they feel the best about. WE ARE NOT ASSIGNED THERE BY ACCIDENT. the Lord called us specifically because they knew that we had special talents that would help the lords work in VC and that we could handle the high work load. 

L.Tom Perry said that visitor center sisters are called based on "the light in their eyes and the testimony of the atonement thats in their hearts" that warmed my soul!!! God loves me and knows me and knows the experiences that i have had and knows that from that i will be able to help so many people - through the spirit and power that he has given me and with my testiomony. SOO NEAT!!! 

we also have been practicing how to teach osmeone and share a spiritual message that caters to their needs even though we have just met them. and WOW FAITH IS SO REAL AND SO NEEDED BECAUSE THE SPIRIT WORKS MIRACLES. every time we have taught a volunteer that comes into the MTC (we take them on a tour of the mtc and all the beautiful paintings it has) whether its a member or a non-member we have felt the spirit so strong and because of our faith and prayers and always striving to have the spirit, we have touched those peoples hearst and helped them feel the spirit and recieve answers. last night we were just talking to a lady who was a return missionary and the cutest little person and we just asked about how it was being home and just simple get to know you questions an we came upon a picture of the savior crying and it seriously is the most beautiful and moving picture ever and as we bore our testimony of the power of the atonement and the realness of our savior jesus christ and shared a scripture, she jsut started crying and we started crying with her!! it was so powerful. we shared how christ cries with us when we are having a hard time and rejoices in all the good times. she was so touched and we just felt soooo much love for her. she ended up taking a picture with us and sending it to my mom!! so im glad you got that!!! (btw you can forward that to other family if you want:)) 

 we get to go to SALT LAKE TEMPLE SQUARE TOMORROOWWW!!! yayyy!!!! but DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT come and find me. thats too hard and i gotta stay focused okay haha this i my time for the LORD and nothing else. but i still love you all. but it will be so fun!! we get to go on splits with the missionaries there and have an awesome experience!!

I have learned so much this week though just with the lord showing me my weaknesses, which has been hard, but he does that on purpose so that we will know that the ONLY way we can do this, and do it the right way is by doing it his way. we just need to humble ourselves and have faith and rely on the spirit. 
sometimes i worry about whether i will be able to say the right thing or if im doing it all the right way, but i dont need to worry because its not about me!! the spirit is the teacher! And thats been proven to me time and time again. its amazing.

other little thoughts and things ive learned before some pictures:

all we need to do in life according to elder bednar (and to not worry about whether we have the spirit or not just worry about these things:)

-be a good girl or boy
-keep the commandments
-honor your covenants
-try your best

 and the lord will bless you.

in 3 nephi 19:30 i love this because as we do the things we are supposed to do and call upon the lord in prayer, he smiles upon us :)))

READ THE TALK BY PRESIDENT MONSON called "finishers wanted" sooo good. 

we should never be content with our weaknesses or flaws. we should always be nice to ourselves, but always striving to be our best. DONT BE COMPLACENT.

also read and study ALMA 17 because its amazing. read it with a question and think about every verse as you go.

Something my teacher told us as he was sharing his last wealth of knowledge on our last day with him in class was that our missions are just like this:
As a missionary, you are just the person on the front row seat, watching the Lord unfold his own work. God says in 1 nephi that he can do his own work, but he sends our the weak things of the world (young 18 and 19 year old boys and girls in the prime of their life) SO THAT WE MAY BENEFIT so that we can have our faith strengthened.


the plan of salvation isnt just a bunch of boxes and circles and arrows...


okay those are my words of wisdom. now pictures. 


Much love,

Sister Bleak

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