Sister Madeline Bleak

Sister Madeline Bleak

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tender Mercies of the Lord (Aug 4, 2016)

august 4

This week was good! I had a few awesome and uplifting experiences. Fridays we always have early morning trainings for the VC and this past week was especially great, and especially needed. We keep being brought back to all the Elder Anderson said to us about our mission and the miracles that await us as we put forth the faith and diligence and prayer to pull down those powers of heaven. So here are some great miracles:

Friday July 29- MIRACLES AT THE VC!!!
So I had been praying for miracles and I wanted to see how the visitor
center could be a blessing and how I could also treat the VC not as a
job or anything but how I could make it a more converting experience
for myself and for those that come in. I had made a goal of getting 1
referral and also using the guest cards that we have and using three
and I was able to give out like 20 today! (Because almost everybody in
a huge group I took through took one :)) but more than that this
morning we had an amazing training about having faith and allowing
that faith to help you set goals to see miracles. So last night weekly
planning we wanted to have more work done in teaching center and
really treat it like it was part of our area because it is. And today
we got on and I was just calling to confirm that a lady names Linda
Henderson had ordered a bible, and she actually picked up! (most people don't) but I had a really great talk with her and she just shared how she had been going through some really really hard times, and how her husband, mother and father had all passed away recently. and I just testified to her about prayer and reading the scriptures and the strength they give us as we go through life. and she told me how she knew that she could either turn to drugs or alcohol or she could turn to god. and she chose to turn to God amidst all that she was going through. It was so neat!!! and I told her about the book of Mormon and how it goes hand in hand with the bible and she was more than excited for that, she said "oh yeah I want to know all I can!" when I asked if she wanted missionaries, she was like OH YEAH! send them all over!!!
so I did!!!
Sadly, I haven't been able to get back in contact with her the rest of the week, but I still pray for her and hope that those other missionaries get to her ASAP!!!

Then my shift was almost over and I had a huge group with like 4
different families but I was just teaching and testifying of the
history here and after I went back upstairs and there were a few of
the ladies that had bee in my tour still up there so I got to talking
to them. They had been the only ones really to listen and looked like
they were learning something there. But one of the ladies came up to
me and told me how I had brought the spirit so much and how she knew
this place was Zion, but from what I said and how I testified of it,
they truly saw how it was literally Zion here in Jackson County. And
she told me that she knew that I knew that from how I testified. And
the power of my testimony. That was so sweet and amazing of them to
say. Exactly what I needed. To know that I had made a difference in
their life. Every time I come on shift and every time I take a group
on a presentation I pray that I may have the spirit to say to them
those things that will touch them that I might know how to help them
and that they'll have a good experience.
And the best part is that I kept talking to them, and they said that
they were temple workers at the Nauvoo temple! And I go, WAIT do you
know President Mcarthur then? The temple president? And they're like
why yes! And I told them that he was my grandpa! And they were like no
way! They said they thought they recognized something about me. They
said that my eyes are like my grandpas and the way I speak and say
things are how my grandma says them. And they told me how I had an
amazing legacy. And that I was honoring that and would make them and
even my savior proud. They were so so sweet. It was more than what I
needed. And taught me that God knows me. He knows my every thought,
every prayer to Him. And he knows my desires and what I need. And he
will give that to me and to all of us as we do our part. And it all
starts with fervent prayer and faith. MIRACLES

So Saturday after that was kind of uneventful, we just did some service that morning and helped people with their lawns and then we were able to have all our studies and then go to the VC.. but it was still a pretty good day..

Sunday was hard.. I just woke up and didn't feel very good and it was a gloomy day and like no one came to the VC and then we went to church ,and I don't know why but sundays seem to be my hardest day, just because its crazy but usually they aren't that bad, I just had a bad day today because my companion seemed to just take over everything, and I felt like I wasn't able to make a difference at all or get a word in to the people we talked to... but I knew that Monday would be better. so we are at the end of daily planning that night and we get a call to confirm that we are going on exchanges the next day!! yeeee hahaha .. so that caught us off guard.
and then I was a little disappointed because I wanted to go on exchanges with one of the sister leaders, but I was going with the other one...

So Monday after a morning shift at the VC -- where almost everyone who came in was from STG and knew someone I knew -- ANOTHER TENDER MERCY--
I met up with Sister Jorgensen and we headed to NORTH KANSAS CITY!!!
We had dinner at a really yummy Mexican place and we both just got to know each other. Afterward we visited with some families in the ward - one of them being a super cute little family with the dad going to med school, both from Utah-- and then another lady who needed a pick-me-up. It was nice!
Then the next morning, for exercise we got up at 5:45 and we drove over to the Kansas City temple which is right by where they live, and we ran around the parking lot in the fog and early morning and IT  WAS SO NICE. I had missed running. it made me feel so good after. So then we came back and had studies and it was really nice because Sister Jorgensen, even though she is very quiet, she is a really great listener, and she is soooo kind and loving. And so it really really helped to just vent to her and really tell her about all I was struggling with. she just listened and asked me more questions about how they could help and what they could do to make things better for me. And that was just the most uplifting thing. I knew that God knew me then. He knew me better than I knew myself because he knew that I would need sister J as a sister leader for exchanges that Tuesday and that she would help me the most. we have so much in common and she could really relate to me and how her experience was very similar to mine when she first came out. She gave me the best advice though.
So then we set out for the day to do some contacting and she was an AMAZING example of it, of how to just be real with people and be really caring and interested in them, and how to easily bring the gospel into that and with her help, I PLACED MY FIRST BOOK OF MORMON!!! hahah it was awesome!! I had never done that with Sister Harvey. we had never tried to. But That's whats awesome about going to find less actives or follow up with people, because we went to find this guy, and he was home, and he goes to open the door and is all smiley, then he sees our nametags and goes: "oh um yeah no thank you." and shuts the door right in our face. hahaha it was actually just really funny. but we tried a few houses around his and the one right next to him ended up being the person who accepted the BOM... Isnt that awesome?! MIRACLE

So we came back from exchanges, and I felt soo rejuvenated. We came back just in time for my afternoon shift at the VC and not many people came in that day, (but it was a really good day because I was on shift with my favorites from the MTC -- sister dawson and sister bishop who are NEVER on with me) But there was a man and a woman who came in and it turns out the man (named Jason) was a less active member- he had been for a LONG time but he recognized the need for the church again, so he was meeting with me missioanries, but today the missionaries had to cancel on him, and that really disappointed him. the woman (his friend) told us how he just really was not in a good place. and the only thing they could think was to come to the visitors center and to see if someone could give him a blessing. So thankfully Elder Toronto was there (the VC director - nicest man on the planet) and he gave him a blessing. afterward I told him that I could take him on a tour, and he said he had already been but I suggested going up to the christus, and he agreed. so as he got his blessing, I was waiting outside and just trying to find some scriptures that would help him.
So he came out and I played the narration of the savior to him, and then just sat and talked to him. he told me how he feels so discouraged. that every time he has something lift his spirits, he is pushed back down, that he cannot shake the influences of the adversary. and he told me how he feels like he is the one - every time he sins- with the hammer nailing the nails into the savior ...
He just broke my heart. But I just was honest and myself and testified to him that Christ died for us because he LOVED US. He did it WILLINGLY because he saw the potential that we would have and the person we could become if we could repent. But what is significant is not the fact that he DIED, but that he LIVED. He rose on the third day, he OVERCAME DEATH. And because he overcame death, he knows how to succor us, how WE can overcome all the trials and obstacles that we will face. because he felt them. and he faced them. and he overcame. it doesn't matter how low we feel or how far away from his reach we may think we are, we are NEVER too far out of reach from His love and His mercy. His atonement was an infinite atonement. We may make the same mistake a million times over, but he suffered infinitely so that every time we make that sin, if we just come back to him with a broken heart and contrite spirit, we will be healed. AGAIN AND AGAIN. that is the beauty and hope of the atonement.
I lastly shared with him Moroni 9:25. that says "may Christ lift thee" and I testified to him, and I testify to all of you to let Christ lift you up! He knows you and he loves you. He knows everything you have gone through and will go through because He felt that. All he asks that we do is to come to him, let him take on Him your burdens. for his yoke is easy, and his burden is light. and ours can be too if we turn to Him.
I know this with all my heart.
I know that I may not be the best missionary, I know im not,
I know I have a long ways to still go to become the person I want to become, and that I know heavenly father wants me to be, but I am trying to be patient with myself as I am trying to get there.
And I know that as little difference I feel I may be able to make, I know that God knows me and loves me and that he needs me here because of who I am, and because of the testimony I have received.
The most amazing experiences - the most amazing interactions and presentations I have had and have given are when I am just being myself and being truly honest in sharing my testimony and listening and letting the spirit speak through me.
And I want you to know that I have a testimony clear as day that his church, restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith is CHRIST's true church today.
He stands at the head and leads and guides and directs us through is prophets and apostles.

I am here to just do what little part I can in letting people know that. As I am a representative of Him.

Some sisters this past week shared their experience with us of going to dinner with their investigators, and you walk in and of course people all look at you and your name tag and sometimes its a little uncomfortable, but when they sat down, the investigator just said how privileged they felt to walk in with them. how it felt like they were "walking in with the Savior."

I know that I am called of God to be here to preach to the people here in the literal Zion, where Christ will come again.

And I want all of you to know that.

hopefully you read to the end.
theres my fast sunday testimony for you all.

Love you all so much.

Much Love,

Sister Bleak

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