Sister Madeline Bleak

Sister Madeline Bleak

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Welcome to Zion everybody! (July 21, 2016)

July 21

So I made it to the mission field!! I am here in independence Missouri
and it's awesome!! There were about 25 new missionaries that came here
with me so I sat by all missionaries on the plane.
The first day we all got tours of each visitors center and went and
walked around the KC temple!! It was so cool and the spirit is so
strong here!!

Still weird to think that I'm actually here in Missouri. A lot of the
mornings I wake up and I have no idea where I am. Also getting up and
exercising is he worst part of my day. The exercises good I actually
work out but I hate waking up. I feel like I always lay down and about
a second later the alarm goes off.

Some other things about Missouri:

Sleep like a log in our old apartment that looks just like great
grandmas house.
Smells like a ton of random scented candles put together

Humidity isn't too bad, it's just like walking outside and receiving a
hug from all the sky's sweaty body

People in independence rarely ever have a clean tidy house. And
everyone has multiple gigantic dogs that could probably eat me.

We always fall asleep at night with the sound of either a train going
by or police sirens. One morning during studies I swear that I hear a
gunshot a little ways away and then sirens after it

There are Jesus loves you signs everywhere from other churches and I love it

We always get a few people who come in and are kind of confused,
thinking we are the community of Christ because their temples right a
cross the street but we day. One!but we. An take you on a tour of what
we know!! Interesting too because there's actually multiple break offs
like the church of Christ restoration ranch and the remnant  branch
.... Still learning about them but it's very interesting.

Literally so many people come here either right before or right after
their time at nauvoo because everybody is usually on a church tour &
stuff and I'm just like awwww I love nauvoo my family is there .. Such
tears. I got your postcard though! And I think someone came in who
knew my grandparents and asked about me but I was there at that time.
But they said they sent your love! So sweet

My trainer is Sister Harvey from Arkansas! She has been our for a
year! She hasn't ever trained before and told me she honestly didn't
really want to train hahah .. But she's good. She is very put together
and helps me and my frazzled mind let me know what's going on and
where we need to be! She is a ballerina and loves to dance and sing.
She is very proper haha so we are kind of different in our
personalities and so it's been a little hard to adjust but we get
along and it's good!

It's hard being the new-by and not knowing everything but I am slowly
getting used to it all and just praying and taking it day by day.

So we have our morning shift usually at the VC and then proselyting
the rest of the evening. We have dinner appointments every night.
The first full day her, it wa Sao busy at the visitors center that we
had 600 people come through in one day!!!  On a normal day we get half
that much!! And that's actually s good day!! And guess what!! By the
third day I was taking tours by myself!!!

But Missouri is cool. We serve right here in independence. Well blue
springs more specifically. I just love the people here! They are so
fun!! Hahaha you can definitely tell we are in the Midwest/ south ...
Haha but also I AM IN ZION!!! I am reminded of that so many times a
day at the Visitor center especially as I take people on tours and
tell about the amazing history here!! It's so fun. Giving tours to
little kids is especially my favorite. Hahah! Families come in on
their bug church history tours and they are so fun! My favorite part
of our tours though is that we always end at the christus statue. And
we bear our testimony through song!! A bunch of the sisters get
together and we sing accapella to the people. My favorite thing is
watching their faces as we sing to them and as we really bear our
testimony of Jesus Christ. The spirit speaks through us and testifies
of His divinity. I love Jesus. He's my best friend.

We have a few potential investigators and we are helping two ladies
get back into church they are all so sweet!! And this Saturday we HAVE
A BAPTISM ALREADY!! Haha it's not because of anything I did, but it's
a mom and dad and they have 4 of the cutest kids ever. But they are
just so celestial and awesome. So excited for them!!

But highlight of the week, we had elder Neil L Anderson come Monday!!!
It was amazing!! He spoke with such power. And I got to shake his
hand!! He's so cool! But he talked all about how if we will set pie
iris goals for baptism every month. And if we use the spirit, faith
and powerful prayer, we are able to work miracles!! We can call upon
the powers of heaven to work mighty miracles among all the thousands
of people here in this mission which are prepared!! But we have to be
diligent like in alma 32 and patient and of course faithful. But if we
trust God. He will lead us along.

I am learning lots about patience, waiting on the lord and having
faith in his will. I'm learning to love it here!!

First day at transfers

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