Sister Madeline Bleak

Sister Madeline Bleak

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Who God calls He qualifies?! (Aug 25, 2016)

August 25, 2016


Well to say this week has been a whirlwind would be an understatement.

But I got big news.

Last Friday I was called to be a trainer. At the ripe young missionary
age of 6 weeks!!

The story is actually pretty funny bc I knew trainers calls were on
Friday and I'm like yeah no way I dont have to worry about that. So
how it goes down is the APs come into the VC to tell the VC sisters
when they are on shift. We had been out in our area that morning and I
was having a rough day. I even told sister Harvey that I don't feel
like I'm ready to take over the area if I had to. I just was feelin
down. But forgetting about that and Tryna go to work. I was at the VC
before shift and I was finishing my drivers test (cus we got a text
asking if I could drive yet -- hint)
And sister Harvey and I took the opportunity to walk to the mission
office to turn it in, in the beautiful Missouri humid weather. We get
to the office and like no ones there. We see one of the APs Elder
Beyler and we are just havin this dandy conversation, he goes back
into his meeting and we go get some candy right before we leave, then
the other APs come out and I'm like hey what's good & they're like oh
u know -- "WAIT WE NEED  TO TALK TO YOU." And I'm like uh no u don't.
*slowly backs away* jk. But then they extended the call to me. And
pretty sure my mouth was gaping. I was speechless to say the least.

Anyways the next day, I carpooled with the other trainers up to the
mission home for the trainers meeting with President. I just love a
President Vest. He is amazing. So loving and so close to the spirit.
He leads by example. At the training meeting we talked a lot about how
we as trainers set the culture of the mission - we set the foundation
of this missionary's mission. We have such an important role. But even
for those who haven't been out very long at all - he looked at me and
addressed his multiple times - we can do it. Through faith, humility -
letting the lord take the lead. He said "God will make up for any
inexperience you feel as you humble yourself and do your best."

As I have felt completely inadequate for this calling, I have been so
lovingly supported. All those at the visitors center - all my fellow
sisters and senior couples have all reached out to me - all of them
saying that none of them were surprised about me getting s training
call. Okay well I was surprised so that makes one. Haha but I did kind
of have a little nervous breakdown Sunday morning on shift and all I
can say is that I am soooo thankful for my companion and for the
senior couple the Wilsons who have become my grandparents out here.
Elder Wilson was able to give me a blessing that I would be comforted
and confident as I pressed forward. I am so thankful for the
priesthood. And for all the love and charity from all those around

We were also able to see so many miracles these last few days together
as a companionship. We met so many new and potential investigators and
got to talk to and help our recent converts the Lowe's who are just
amazing. They are so excited to go to the temple and Vanessa - the mom
- can't wait to get started on family history! And Jory the dad just
got a job that is only Monday thru Friday so he doesn't have to work
on Sunday!! YESSSS

Sadly our investigator miracle Brad who I mentioned a couple weeks ago
turned out to not work out :/ we went back for an appointment and he
wasn't there- only his wife was there who hadn't met us before and she
was well pretty rude and basically told us we weren't wanted there. So
that was sad. But someday! Seeds planted at least!!

To make up for it, we had the most amazing lesson with Jesse our new
investigator on Wednesday at the VC!! Oh it was so good. Jesse is so
religious. We had our last lesson with him a week and a half ago but I
wasn't there because I was on exchange, but we taught the restoration
to him! We started at the Christus which was BOMB and then went down
to a teaching room. He had the best questions - you can tell he has
such a love for God and doing what's right. He really had thought and
pondered what he read out of the pamphlet and the whole introduction
to the BOM. So we taught all about the apostasy and about the
priesthood and Joseph smith - I got to share the first vision from
memory !! - and it was so powerful. We talked all about how the BOM is
evidence of all this. Of gods love for us of his plan and for Jesus

We read with him about the doctrine of Christ and about baptism and I
invited him to be baptized!! He didn't say yes right away but he said
that if he reads this and prays and feels that it is true - he "would
have to get baptized"  YAAAA!!! We are seeing him again Saturday!!!

Anyways lots of miracles. And tender mercies.
I had been praying for a long time to know how God feels about me and
I really think that this training call was Heavenly Father letting me
know that how he feels about me is that He trusts me and has
confidence in me. He also knows me perfectly because I really think I
learn better and work better if I am not focusing on myself but
focusing on others and helping them.

I really think about Nephi being called to do all the things he did -
to go back and get the plates and to build a boat. But he always said
I will go and do - "for the Lord giveth no commandments unto the
children of men p, save he shall prepare a way for Him to accomplish
the thing which He commandeth them."
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth the me. "
And, "whoever God calls, He qualifies."

I know I'm going to be able to learn a lot more about the atonement
and relying on that enabling power to get me through this next
transfer. But I'm not worried because I know I can do hard things. And
I know God knows I can do this.

My new companion is sister Taylor and HOLY CRAP SHE IS THE CUTEST. We
are gonna have a party. God is good.

I love you all!!!

Today we gonna go hit up the stadium so I'll send some other emails later!!!

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